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Despite the significant contributions of western civilization tohumanity in such areas as science, art, technology and industry, unfortunately it is far from ensuring desirable peace and justice worldwide.Many events and developments experienced by humanity haveproven that international public opinion is not able to reactequal and fair to humane problems and distress in a collective conscience. The necessity for new and strong voices increases each passing day in a world in which might is right, and rightful ones also cannot make their voice heard.


In all geographies dominated by Islam, oppression, terror and violence has been coming up.That agonizing situation caused that millions of civil and innocent people killed, maimed, had to migrate far away from their houses. In spite of that agonizing situation, unfortunately the Islamic world was not able produce its own solution to problems.

Having built an immense civilization in the past,the Islamic world is recently expected to be the hope of humanity again by recovering itself. And to discover the past heritage is among others part of this recovery.  Among these forerunner scholars is the founder of  sunnischool of Kalam, Ebu Mansur el-Maturidi, who stands in the center of that great enlightenment beginning in 10th century in Islamic world. From the standpoint of basic religious disciplines, Kalam, Tafsir(exegetics, interpretation) and the methodology of Fıqhor Usûl he formed a frame to shed light on the way of the following generation to follow.

Describing Islam as the religion of wisdom and creation;regarding the rational power of the religion as stronger than a mountain in respect of principles based on, critisizing the religious separation in the context of extremism, aiming atpeace/well-being ofevery single person on earth, Imam Maturidi, who has commissioned himself to inform everyone for the message of Islam that conveys us to ‘saviour/well-being’on the ground of truth, has many messages to the human of 21th century that the religion is converted to a divisive identity rather than a combining one.

Understanding Imam Maturidi and his comprehensive principles correctly and conveying them effectively to extensive target groups, coping with the problems of our age, resisting against the perceptions and comments harming the unity of Islamic world are of vital importance.

To this end, Turkish World Parliamentary Foundation took the decision for organizing an international workshop and prepared a project approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The aim of the workshop is to apprehend Imam Maturidi’s world view; to shed lighton the Islamic world’s recent  problems in terms of reason, wisdom, justice, freedom and moral principles.The announced workshop , under the slogan ‘Tracing the Lost Enlightenment’, is expected to build the idea of establishing a new Turkish-Islamic civilization as it was in thehistory.

Our workshop will be heldbetween 25th-27th October,2018. The executive council is comprised of 6 members. Dr. Abdullah ÇALIŞKAN, 23rd-24th term deputy from Kırşehir Province and also the deputy head of executive body of the foundation, will chair the organization. Scientific board of workshop consists of 15 members. Scientific board will be chaired by Prof.Dr. Şaban Ali DÜZGÜN, lecturer in Ankara University, Theology Faculty. The intellectuals, who have academicstudies about Imam Maturidi in Turkey and worldwide, have been invited to this workshop. Almost 50 academicianswill join our workshop from US, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzistan  and Uzbekistan and also from various universities all over Turkey.


Imam Maturidi’sideas will be negotiated within the framework of four basic themes. REASON, JUSTICE, WISDOM and FREEWILL. On the  first day of the workshop,presentationsto be provided by Dr. Phillip C. DORROL from Emory University US, Metaphysical Conceptionof Maturidi: JUSTICE;byProf. Dr. Hülya ALPER from Marmara University, EpistemologicalConception of MaturidiREASON. On the second day of the workshop, presentations will be provided by Dr. Sami ŞEKEROĞLU from Harran University, Ethical Conception of Maturidi: WISDOM and by Prof. Dr. Sönmez KUTLU from Ankara University, Individual and Social Conception of Maturidi: FREEWILL.

At the end of the workshop, we are expecting to find some answers to these vital questions: How can unity and solidarity be established around the basic and indispensable values of Islam? What should Islamic world do to discover its own roots? What are the necessary steps to be taken so as to strengthen love, brotherhood, cooperation and sharing senses among Muslims? What should be done in order to point out that Islam is a religion of mind, moral, justice, knowledge, wisdom, peace and freedom? What concrete steps should be taken in order to give direction to history as main actor and topic and to boost self-confidence of Islamic world again? As of today, which fundamental changes should be done to build a new Turkish-Islamic civilization? During the workshop all these questions and the like, will seek an answer and proposals for solution in short, medium and long-term, in the form of a report will be submitted to public opinion and concerned authorities.

On the evening of 25th October, 2018, inaugural program and reception of workshop will be organized. At first the President of Turkish Republic, Speaker of Turkish Parliament, Chairmen of Political Parties, Ministers and all high-end protocol, agencies and institutions concerned, NGOs, current and previous term deputies, Ambassadors, Provincial Governors, Provincial Muftis, Rectors of public and foundation universities, Deans of Theology Faculties, Provincial Mayors, Columnists, TV program producers, editors in chief, press and all other individuals concerned with the subject of the workshop, have been invited to our program. At inaugural program of workshop, a short introducingfilm about Imam Maturidi will be displayed and informative brief presentations will be given by instructors who prepares papers regarding the main themes of workshop.

To convey the workshop and its final statements of the negotiations to be done, to the largest masses, all necessary studies and preparations are being carried out. For this purpose, website address is in service.By means of the press conference to be held on the last day of workshop, prepared final statement in Turkish,English, Russian, Arabic, French and Persian languages, will be shared with national and international media. Submitted notifications in the workshop will be collected into a book and also published in these languages. Negotiations of scientists participated in the workshop will be recorded and published on internet later.

Also limited number of participant will be able to follow the workshop as listeners. Those who wanted to attend the workshop for two days will apply to , not later than 15th October,2018. Individuals suitable and concerned with workshop will be detected and invited to workshop as listeners.

Main supporter of workshop is the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as Ankara Development Agency, TİKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency), Öz-Ormanİş Union, Adnan Kahveci Foundation, OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Keçiören Municipality,Mamak Municipality and THY (Turkish Airlines) supports the workshop. TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) and Anadolu Agency gives all necessary support to announce the workshop and its final statements at national and international level.

Due to the importance of the workshop topic and purpose, it is a great duty to all press members to inform the public.Detailed information and files can be reached from the website,


Respectfully announced to the public.


Dr. Abdullah ÇALIŞKAN
Chairmen of Executive Board for Workshop
Deputy Head of Turkish Parliamentary Foundation
23th & 24th Term Deputy from Kırşehir Province